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Here is a list of the things that are “understood” responsibilities of every puppy raiser.

Give Heartguard on the first of each month.

Maintain your puppy at an appropriate weight.

Turn in monthly reports in a timely fashion, along with sitter reports.

Keep your dog’s leash in good and safe condition.

Keep your puppy vest clean, neat and in good repair.

Never allow your puppy loose in an unfenced area, no matter how well you think he is trained to come.

Attend at least 80% of scheduled meetings, and all GDB workshops. Call your leader for an excused absence if you are unable to attend a meeting.

Relieve your puppy on leash every day, and choose a variety of surfaces so your pup can take care of his business no matter where he may find himself.

Groom every day–especially if the dog has been in unfamiliar territory. In addition to keeping up on your puppy’s general health, daily grooming sessions are the perfect time to check ears, pads, armpits, groin and tail area for ticks and foxtails.

When you trade your puppy or travel, inform leaders of your puppy’s whereabouts. Turn in a travel form for every trip before you go. This includes weekend jaunts to the mountains. Ask for preventive medication when traveling to tick or flea country if you do not already use Advantage or Frontline. (Remember, these medications are no substitute for daily grooming and vigilance, especially when traveling in tick country).

Use the training equipment and techniques you have been asked to use–whether that’s a flat collar, head-collar, or some other training protocol. Remember, only a leader or our PRA can authorize a change in the equipment or initiation of a protocol to be used on your puppy. If you feel your puppy would benefit from a change, check with a leader to discuss it before you start doing something different.

When in doubt about something, ask!