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The K-9 Buddy Program: 

Another Way to Graduate








From: The Puppy Raising Department
Guide Dogs for the Blind is pleased to introduce another way for our puppies to graduate and serve the blind. It’s called the K-9 Buddy Program, and it works like this: dogs that are not suitable for guidework may be chosen to graduate as a K-9 Buddy in the home of a visually impaired child, ages 17 and under. The dogs’ jobs will be to introduce the concept of a guide dog and promote the human-animal bond to visually impaired children, which may lead to an application for a guide dog when the children are old enough.
    Puppy raisers can feel proud if their pup is selected to graduate as a K-9 Buddy! When possible, the K-9 Buddies will be presented to their new partners at graduation, along side guides and breeders. When that is not possible, other arrangements, as in the case of in-home trainings, will be available. Graduate and raiser can choose to stay in touch– just as it is with a guide dog user.
    Applicant families for the K-9 Buddy program will meet the same qualifications as puppy raising homes, and will have training, follow-up and support from GDB staff.
    Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. is very pleased with the prospect of extending our mission to include blind and visually impaired youth through canine partnership. We would like extend our sincere appreciation to our puppy raising community for their role in helping us bring this exciting new program to fruition and we will keep you updated with program developments. Please contact a leader if you have questions about the K-9 Buddy program.