Guide Dogs Welcome

Come on in

Pick up a toy

Please don’t chew on the couch

It’s my pride and joy.


The carpet is clean, as is the bare floor

I’d like to keep it that way

Need I say more?


See the wood trim on my desk

That once had been chewed

For this we claim Lexia only thought it was food.


Remember my couch

There’s a hole torn in the leather

From one of Parson’s bad days

He was a bit under the weather.


You’ll see nothing else is torn or chewed or soiled

I thank Jose’ for that

He was the one that we spoiled.


As these puppy’s grow and mature and learn from their training,

They become our best friends...nobody’s complaining.

We’ll pass them along to great instructors for honing the Guide’s skill,

Lots more of hard work, but oh! What a thrill.

Some day they’ll be someone’s life-long companion and friend,

Who will hold them and love them and well...there’s no end.

Many ask: ‘Why is it the time and devotion you give?’

Simply put...............

It’s all so other’s may enjoy the life that they live.

R.K. Pauli, 2007