On April 17th, Clackamas Fire invited us to observe one of their training sessions.  The training was held at the old Levitz store.  Several area fire departments will be holding training sessions here before the building is demolished.  The Clackamas Fire Department did much more than just allow us to observe.  They included us in the training.  PAWS would like to express our thanks to Clackamas Fire for a great outing.  A special thanks to Capt. Karn, the Clackamas Fire Public Information Officer, who was responsible for organizing the outing.  And to Lt. Tom Crowder, Clackamas Fire Training Officer, who personally led us around.

Several news agencies covered the training.  Here are some of the stories they produced.



The following pictures show how the outing went:

Safety first.  Everyone had to wear hard hats.  Once everyone had a hat, we were invited to the safety briefing.  We were told where we could and could not go.  It was obvious that Safety is the most important thing about fighting fires.

Lt. Crowder gave the puppies a blast from all the fire truck sirens.  Here is a group shot of everyone afterwards.  The puppies did great.  

Here is Davinci hitching a ride.

We were given a tour of a special part of the fire fighter training.  Several rooms were set up with furniture and obstacles.  The rooms were dark and filled with smoke.  In small groups, Lt. Crowder led us through the rooms to experience what a fire fighters experience.  It was very hard to see even with a flashlight.  All our dogs did great.  The picture above is a group leaving the training rooms.  It was too dark inside to take a picture.  

We were allowed to watch as fire fighters cut holes in the roof and dropped in hoses.

Here a fire fighter takes time out to pet Davinci.

The pups are watching the pump truck in action.