Donate to PAWS

PAWS (Pups At Work for Sight) in Clackamas County , Oregon , is a puppy raising club for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Puppy raising clubs are manned entirely by volunteer raisers.  As raisers, we supply the puppy's everyday needs such as dog food, play toys, dog beds, kennels, etc.  Guide Dogs for the Blind takes care of normal veterinary expenses like shots, spay/neutering.  After this there are expenses that the club absorbs.

One requirement of raising puppies is that clubs go on at least one outing a month with our raisers paying for any admission fees if applicable.  Outings include activities such as taking MAX to the airport, walking around a farmers market, attending an Omnimax presentation, music concerts, sports events, etc.  The idea is to introduce the puppy to as many different environments as possible.  This prepares the puppy for life when it becomes a working guide dog.  The club is looking for ways to expand these activities.

At the graduation of each dog raised by one of PAWS raisers, PAWS donates $150 dollars toward the purchase of the dog’s guide harness.  PAWS has been successful at graduating more dogs and hence supplying more harnesses.  In 2007 we had 12 dogs graduate, a substantial increase from previous years (5 in 2006 and 4 in 2005).  Therefore, PAWS donated amounts have increase proportionately.

Help PAWS in our efforts to raise guide dogs for blind people.  Raising a puppy is a very rewarding activity.  It is our hope that each puppy we raise will graduate and change the life of a blind person.  You may not be able to raise a puppy yourself, but you can help those who do.  Help us raise a puppy! Help us change a life!

Donating to PAWS is easy and fully tax deductable.  Write your check to "Guide Dogs for the Blind".  In the Memo field enter "PAWS".  This way your donation will be deposited in our account.  Send your check to:

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Attn: Development Department

PO 151200

San Rafael , CA. 94915

If you want to use your credit card to donate, you may do so at the Guide Dogs for the Blind website.